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BPSC full form | What is the full form of BPSC?

BPSC full form:- Hello friends, today I will give you information about BPSC. In this post we will discuss BPSC Kya Hai (What is BPSC?), What is the BPSC full form in Hindi, Who can give the BPSC exam, What should be the BPSC exam qualification, What is the BPSC age limit and more? much. I will answer all BPSC-related questions in this article.

In this day and age, all students want to get a job in a good environment, which students also work hard for. The BPSC is a Bihar regional organization, which conducts extensive spatial trials, but many such people do not know much about it, they do not appear in this study. So in this article, I will tell you what a BPSC is? I will provide full details related to the BPSC Full Form.

Before we know about BPSC, we know its full name because it is necessary to know the full version of any institution from us.

BPSC full form/What is the full form of BPSC?

The Full form of BPSC is "Bihar Public Service Commission" or the full name of the given abbreviation is "Bihar Public Service Commission" or BPSC stands for "Bihar Public Service Commission". 

BPSC full form/What is the full form of BPSC in Hindi?

The Full form of BPSC in Hindi is "बिहार लोक सेवा आयोग".

You must have heard the name of the UPSC, the largest organization in India. The organization organizes candidates for senior positions such as IAS, and IFS in the country, in the same way, the BPSC is also a Bihar institution that organizes annual audits to nominate more government positions in Bihar.

What is  BPSC?

Bihar Public Service Commission also known as BPSC for short. Every year the organization organizes competitions to identify vacant government posts in Bihar province. The BPSC was established on April 1, 1949, by the Constitution of India, with headquarters in Patna, Bihar.

The organization issues notice for the appointment of many senior positions such as SDM, Bihar Police, Tax Officer, etc., where lakhs of people apply for these positions and the BPSC selects these people on the basis of merit. The Bihar Public Service Commission conducts candidates for public office appointments.

Top BPSC Post

The BPSC conducts experiments in a number of administrative positions, and the organization announces various administrative posts annually, to which lakhs of candidates are added. Before appearing in BPSC tests, you should know about its top posts, so we will tell you about some of its top posts. The top BPSC vacancies are as follows:

Bihar administrative service (बिहार प्रशासनिक सेवा) 

Bihar police (बिहार पुलिस सेवा)

Bihar Financial Services (बिहार वित्तीय सेवा) 

product inspector (उत्पाद निरीक्षक) 

rural development officer (ग्रामीण विकास अधिकारी) 

Sub-District Social Development Officer (जिला अल्पसंख्यक कल्याण अधिकारी) 

employment officer (रोजगार अधिकारी)

Bihar Labor Service (बिहार श्रम सेवा) 

These are some of the top vacancies, apart from this there are many vacancies the Bihar Public Service Commission conducts for annual examinations.

Eligibility for appearing in the BPSC exam

To apply for the BPSC exam, a candidate must be a graduate of a recognized university, and even if you are a final year student, you can apply to BPSC. Remember, diploma students cannot apply for this exam.

You are eligible to receive this exam in any broadcast such as medical, engineering, accounting, science, etc. Even to apply for this exam, you do not need to be a citizen of Bihar, even if you are a citizen of Madhya Pradesh, you can still apply for the BPSC.

BPSC Age Limit

If you want to appear in a study conducted by the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC), you must be at least 21 years of age. Apart from this, ST / SC class students get 5 years rest and OBC class students get 3 years rest. Remember that age rest is only granted to a citizen of Bihar.

BPSC exam pattern

The BPSC assessment is done in three phases where the first and second phases are written and the final phase is interviewed.

The first phase of the test is called Preliminary Examination, anyone who cancels the first phase test is called a second phase test. Students who pass the first and main examinations are summoned to the final phase of the examination, in which case the questions are answered by senior officials. Positions are allocated to candidates in an interview.

BPSC salary

The BPSC employs many management positions and the salary for each job is different. BPSC salary is based on vacancies, if you are appointed to a senior position, then your salary will be very good. By estimates, the salary of senior BPSC positions is more than 50,000. Without pay, many services are provided by the government and as you get older in your job, your salary will also increase.


Friends, in this article we have provided you information regarding BPSC. Through this article, we have told you about BPSC kya hai (What is BPSC?), BPSC Full Form in Hindi, and what should be the eligibility and age limit for the BPSC exam. Along with this, know about what is the exam pattern of BPSC.

I hope now you have got the information regarding BPSC. If you liked the information in our article, BPSC Full Form, then definitely share it and if you have any kind of question related to BPSC, then you can ask us by commenting. Thank you for staying with our article till the end.