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Full form of SDO | What is the full form of SDO? | How to become an SDO?

 Full form of SDO:- If you have an idea What is the Complete SDO Form in Hindi ?, SDO Kya Hota Hai? (What is SDO), how can you become an SDO (SDO official of four), what should be the certificate to become an SDO, which should pass the test to become an SDO etc? Read it thoroughly, this time you will read and find answers to all the questions.

Nowadays, everyone wants to get a good job as well as a good salary and respect, which is why today's youth prefer government work over private work. Because in the public service, there are many benefits to resources and job security. But getting a job in government is not as easy as people understand it, so you have to work hard, study hard and you have to pass exams and get a job in government. In today's article, we will tell you about the work of the SDO Officer. If you also want to become an SDO, this article will be helpful to you.

Full SDO form - What is the full form of SDO?

The full form of the SDO is the Sub Divisional Officer. SDO staff are appointed by the national government in all departments. This office is at the SDM level, and the SDM officer is at the PCS level.


SDO Full Form in Hindi - What is the full form of  SDO in Hindi?

The complete SDO form in Hindi is अनुविभागीय अधिकारी or अनुमंडल पदाधिकारी.

Who is the SDO?

Sub Divisional Officer abbreviated as SDO. SDO police are present in all departments of all regions of the country such as the Police Department, the Department of Social Development, the Department of Gas, the Irrigation Department, etc.

Key functions of SDO / What is the function of SDO?

The main function of the SDO is to monitor all work within its department properly, as well as to evaluate all work performed in the department, and view files properly. The SDO monitors the work done by the department and ensures that the work is done properly or not.

The work of the SDO is a great responsibility because without an SDO official any kind of work cannot be done. Therefore, they have to make a conscious decision to get the job done. If there is an obstacle or error in any activity, it is all the responsibility of the SDO officer. SDO officials operate under their own government and are appointed by the regional government.

With the appointment of the SDO in all the districts of our country, their main function is to run the government system without problems.

How to become an SDO?

The SDO is elected by the government in two ways. The first promotion is, that is, once you have become an official in any department, after seeing your work, you are made an SDO by promotion, on the other hand, the government itself arranges for examinations to be appointed to this position.

As we have told you, and SDO official operates under a national government, so it is incumbent on the national government to appoint an SDO official. Every year the national government conducts a survey to select the SDO. These assessments are conducted by the Public Service Commission or also known as the Public Service Commission. The SDO selection polls are conducted annually by the Public Service Commission in almost every province.

All candidates who intend to become SDOs can participate in this survey. In order to participate in this examination, it is compulsory for the candidate to be a graduate of the relevant department, such as if you want to become an SDO of the irrigation department, then you must have completed the agricultural sector.

Eligibility for SDO

You are well aware that the qualifications for all government jobs are different and as a result, some qualifications are set by the government. Similarly, to be an SDO, you need to have certain important qualifications. such as -

If your dream is to become an SDO then you should have just graduated from any recognized university. To become an SDO, any candidate who has graduated in the fields of engineering, commerce, arts, science, etc. can complete its test form.

Age limit for SDO

The age limit is also set for SDO. All applicants for this position must be between the ages of 21 and 30. But the reserved class ST / SC students are given a break from the age limit.

Nominees for the ST / SC category are granted a five-year retirement age.

The OBC category candidate is granted a three-year leave of absence.

SDO Officer Election Examination

To become an SDO officer, you must pass three tests, both of which are written and the final exam is verbal namely Interview. If you pass all these tests you will be selected instead of SDO. Similarly, if you fail any one test you will not be appointed by the SDO officer. So if you want to be an SDO you have to work hard at that.

The SDO selection test is conducted in three phases such as:

1. Pre Exam

This is a test of the first phase of the SDO. It has two 200-page papers each. In this test, the candidate is asked a number of choice questions related to Mathematics, Reasoning, General Knowledge (GK), and English lessons. If you pass this stage then you are called to the second stage.

2. The Main Test

This is a test of the second phase of the SDO. Students who drop out of the first grade get a chance to appear in the exam. This test is also documented and said the firmness is in the first stage.

3. Conversation

Those who will remove the first and second grades are called for an interview. In this test, you are asked questions by some senior officials, that is, the test is performed to test you. If you pass this final stage which is an interview, you are nominated as SDO.

FAQs of SDO:-

What is the study of SDO?

SDO means Sub Divisional Officer. If you want to become an SDO, then you have to appear in the State Civil Services Examination conducted by your state government. Candidates who have done graduation degrees can apply for the entrance test and the age limit for this entrance exam is 21-30 years.

What is the post of SDO?

The post of SDO can be found in many government departments like PWD Irrigation, Electricity Board, etc. We can say that SDO is appointed in almost every government department.

How can I become SDO after 12th?

To become an SDO  after the 12th you should complete a bachelor's degree then you are eligible. After that, you need to qualify Public Service Commission Exam (PSC) or State Civil Services Exam conducted by your State Government. 


Most people have a dream that they also become a government officer of some big post, but there are many people who are unable to fulfill their dreams due to a lack of knowledge. SDO officer is a very good option to do a job in the post of government officials because in this post you get a good salary as well as respect.

Through this article, we have given you information related to SDO Officer Kaise Bane, what is SDO, SDO's full form in Hindi, eligibility to become SDO, and what should be the age limit for SDO, and many more.

I hope you have got complete information about SDO officers by reading this article. If you liked this article, then definitely share it and if you have any kind of question-related to this article, then you can comment on us. Thanks for staying with this article till the end.